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​ Blueprint for Footprints empowers the future African generations through a "Green" education. We are honored and excited to service the youth, community leaders, private sectors etc. of Dakar, Senegal through education and sportmanship. We are here to educate everyone through workshop activities, events, conferences etc. 


   This movement is the seed to an unbelievable growth to environmental sustainability and better health in Senegal. Health always comes first! A healthy lifestyle can only be practiced through education and information. 


Come take part of this beautiful movement of beautification of our environment in Senegal. 



Every small or big Donation is greatly appreciated. Nothing, can describe the appreciate for this hope and belief you have for us.Thank you so very much !


We welcome everyone to take part of this movement. Wether you are a Student, parent, school, teacher, taxpayer, elected official, designer, engineer etc. everyone can play a part in this big Green education.

Create sustainability in our ways of living. 

Draw people's attention to health issues and opting for greener alternatives.

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